Don't pack these items in your checked luggage

Traveling is a chance to explore different cultures, try new foods, and meet interesting people. But packing for travel can often be stressful, especially when it comes to deciding what to put in your checked luggage. While it may be tempting to pack everything you own, there are certain items you should never pack in your checked luggage. In this blog, we will talk about the important things that you should carry with you and keep in your hand luggage to ensure a smooth and worry-free travel experience. The last thing you want is important items to be lost on your way to foreign land.

lady packing luggage

To begin with, you should never pack your valuables such as jewelry, cash, passports, important documents, and electronics in your checked luggage. These items are valuable, and if lost or stolen, can turn your vacation into a nightmare. Always keep these items in your hand luggage where you can keep an eye on them.

Secondly, you should never pack your prescription drugs and important medication in your checked bag. If your checked luggage is lost or delayed, you could be without your medication for days, which could have serious consequences for your health. Always keep your medication with you in your hand luggage, along with a copy of your prescription – just in case you need it.

Thirdly, toiletries are another essential item for your hand luggage. You may want to freshen up before you reach your destination, or you may need to wash your hands during the flight. Pack a small bag of travel size toiletries such as wet wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste in your hand luggage for your convenience.

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Another important item to pack in your hand luggage is a change of clothes. In case your checked bag gets lost or delayed, it’s important to have a fresh set of clothes to wear. Additionally, if you have a long layover, you can change into something more comfortable and freshen up before boarding your next flight.

Finally, never pack your valuable and irreplaceable memories such as photos, sentimental items, or souvenirs in your checked luggage. Always keep these items with you in your hand luggage, or better yet, consider getting a small secure bag to keep them safe.

Traveling is an adventure, and to avoid any unwanted challenges, we should always be prepared. Always remember to pack your valuables, prescription medication, toiletries, change of clothes, and valuable memories in your hand luggage to ensure a pleasant and peaceful travel experience. With these items in mind, you will be well-prepared to go through customs, immigration, and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Safe Travels!

July 17, 2023

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