The Best And Worst Airlines To Fly For Vacation

The thrill of getting ready for a vacation can quickly take a nosedive the moment you step foot in an airline with a reputation for delays, cancellations and other kinds of inconveniences that can ruin your mood. It's essential to avoid these notorious airlines and aim for the best ones to ensure a smooth, stress-free holiday. With recent data and everything in between, here's a rundown of the airlines you should steer clear of and ones you can fly with ease.


Notorious Airlines to Avoid
We've all heard stories of people stranded at the airport for hours or even days with the worst airlines possible. Here are some airlines you should avoid at all costs:

a) American Airlines: American Airlines had the most cancellations of any US airline in 2019, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It's also been notorious for long delays, unreliability, and poor communication.

b) United Airlines: United Airlines has a reputation for being one of the worst airlines for customer satisfaction, and it's not hard to see why. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, United had the fifth-most cancellations in 2019, and it's also known for overbooking flights and bumping passengers.

c) Frontier Airlines: Frontier is a budget airline with a reputation for a low fare, low quality, and worst customer service. Its flights are often delayed or canceled, and its seating is notoriously uncomfortable.

Amazing Airlines to Fly For Vacay
On the other hand, some airlines have been pushing the limits and exceeding expectations to provide an incredible flying experience. Here are three of the best airlines to fly for your next vacation:

a) Delta Airlines: Delta Airlines has received accolades for being the best airline in the US for customer satisfaction in 2019 according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Its flights are known for being on time, and it also offers Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a vast network of destinations.

b) Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines is a popular choice for travelers who want reliable and affordable air travel. It's famous for having a low rate of cancellations and frequently ranks high in customer satisfaction. Additionally, Southwest doesn't charge for baggage and allows passengers to change flights without additional fees.

c) Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines is known for providing excellent customer service and having a rebooking policy that's second to none. It also boasts of comfortable seating and an impressive on-time performance record.

The experience of flying can make or break your vacation, so it's essential to choose an airline you can trust. By avoiding airlines that frequently experience cancellations and long delays, you'll be taking a step towards a more pleasant and stress-free vacation. Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines are among the top airlines to fly when you need a reliable and worry-free flying experience. So, book your tickets and let the adventure begin. Happy travels!

August 08, 2023

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