Taking a long plane ride can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Will you make it to your destination on time? Will you be able to fall asleep, and stay asleep? It’s easy to worry, but don’t let the stress keep you up all night! Here are our top five tips for getting a good sleep on that upcoming flight.
Sleeping Tips for long plane rides

1. Get Comfortable

This one is obvious - if you want to get any shut-eye during that long trip, make sure you’re comfortable! Wear clothes that will be soft against your skin and won’t rub or itch in weird places; consider investing in a travel pillow or neck support as well. If you’re flying economy class, then it might also help if you bring an extra jacket or scarf to create an even more comfortable sleeping environment.

2. Prepare Your Playlist
The sound of engines humming and other passengers chatting can feel like a distraction from sweet dreams. Bring along some noise-canceling headphones, and put together a soothing playlist ahead of time with some gentle music or nature sounds – like ocean waves or raindrops! You can even listen to guided meditations specifically designed for travelers who want to sleep on planes.

3. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
Drinking caffeine-based drinks before boarding (or while on the plane!) may seem like the perfect way to get energized for your trip… but it won’t do much for helping you sleep when it matters most! Alcohol has similarly stimulating effects; try not drinking anything with caffeine or alcohol within three hours of when you plan on going to sleep.

4. Stay Hydrated
Drinking enough water throughout the day is key for keeping your energy levels up so that once it’s time for bed, your body is ready for restful sleep! Keep a reusable water bottle close by so that you have easy access whenever thirst strikes – just make sure not to drink too much right before bedtime as this could lead to unwanted bathroom trips while in the skies!

5. Stick To A Schedule
If possible, try not napping randomly throughout the flight – instead, keep track of what time it is at your destination and adjust accordingly so that by the time you land, your body feels like it's already been asleep for 8 hours (or whatever amount works best for you!). This will help ensure that jet lag doesn't ruin your first day in paradise!
It's easy to get discouraged about trying to get good sleep on a long flight–but these strategies above should give you plenty of ideas about how to make sure those zzz's come easily during take-off and landing! With these strategies in mind, all vacationers should be able to feel refreshed and energized upon arrival–ready for their next adventure!
February 06, 2023

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