The Caribbean Adventures of an Influencer.

It was a dream come true for Ashley, an Instagram influencer with over 100k followers. She was given the opportunity to travel around some of the most beautiful Caribbean islands while promoting and using products from - luggage, packing cubes, weekender bags and travel locks.

The first stop on her tour was Barbados; she couldn't believe how crystal clear the blue waters were and enjoyed soaking up the sun at one of its many stunning beaches. As she explored further, Ashley quickly realized why so many people called it paradise! With her trusty luggage in tow, Ashley felt prepared to explore every inch of this gorgeous island nation - especially with their famous packing cube helping her stay organized during her adventures!

Next it was off to Jamaica where Ashley experienced even more tropical bliss as she visited some of its famous attractions like Dunn's River Falls and Seven Mile Beach – another breathtakingly beautiful beach lined with palm trees swaying in the wind! During her time there, Ashley made sure to snap plenty of pictures showcasing how much fun she had while using her Weekender Bag – perfect for carrying all your essentials when you don’t feel like dragging around a big suitcase or backpack!

After that it was onto other amazing islands such as Bermuda and The Bahamas which provided just as much beauty if not more than those previously mentioned! It truly felt like living out a fairytale for our intrepid traveler whose journey ended too soon but left behind some wonderful memories that will last forever...

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May 20, 2023

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