What’s more romantic than taking a train ride?

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable journey to experience the beauty of nature, or just a leisurely ride to take in some beautiful sights, these five trains are sure to make your trip one you won’t forget. Keep reading for our list of the top 5 train rides to take in the world for tourists.

The Rocky Mountaineer – Canada
This luxurious journey takes passengers through Canada’s breathtaking mountain ranges and lush forests. Enjoy scenic views of snow-capped peaks, raging rivers, and captivating wildlife as you travel along the historic railway route between Vancouver and Banff.

The Rocky Mountaineer - USA
Train ride gives you one of the most enjoyable traveling experiences in the country. Aboard this unforgettable journey, you may explore some of the continent's most breathtaking and iconic views as you progress through several routes, including one sprawling from Seattle to Vancouver or traveling through some of Canada's wildest terrain. You'll be treated to extraordinary sites like glacier-fed alpine lakes and snow-capped mountains for an experience that is sure to carry lasting memories. The renowned hospitality and menu-driven dining adds a level of comfort far beyond traveling by bus or car. Be sure to not miss this incredible chance to combine traveling with sightseeing!

Bernina Express – Switzerland/Italy
Traveling from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy, this gorgeous rail route passes through some of Europe’s most breathtaking mountains and valleys—including two UNESCO World Heritage Sites! The highlight is undoubtedly crossing over the Landwasser viaduct bridge which offers unobstructed views of majestic glaciers in the distance.

The Ghan – Australia
This unique train route takes passengers on a three-day journey across Australia’s red center from Adelaide all the way up north to Darwin in Northern Territory. Along the way, riders can expect to marvel at stunning rock formations, grand gorges, desert wetlands, and open woodlands. There are also plenty of stops along the way where travelers can explore local Indigenous culture and history firsthand!

Glacier Express – Switzerland
This eight-hour long train ride winds through some of Switzerland’s most beautiful alpine scenery between Zermatt and St Moritz—two popular tourist destinations known for their ski resorts and luxury hotels! Enjoy sweeping views of snow-capped peaks and emerald green valleys as you cross 291 bridges and 91 tunnels along this picturesque route!
Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure or a leisurely getaway with stunning views around every corner, these five amazing train rides are sure to offer something special that you won't soon forget! From Canada's Rocky Mountains to Australia's Outback deserts, there's something here that will suit any traveler's taste - so hop aboard one of these spectacular rail journeys today!
February 14, 2023

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