AI helping the travel experience.

Imagine planning a trip with the help of a personal travel assistant who knows your budget, your taste in hotels and restaurants, and can make suggestions for activities based on your interests. That's the future of travel, and it's being powered by artificial intelligence. Here's a look at how AI is changing the travel experience, from booking your trip to helping you enjoy your time once you've arrived at your destination.
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Booking Your Trip
In the past, booking a trip was a time-consuming process that involved hours of research. You'd have to compare prices across different airlines and hotels, not to mention figure out the best time to travel based on your schedule and the cost of flights. But now, thanks to artificial intelligence, booking a trip can be done in just a few clicks. Travel websites like Kayak and Expedia are using AI to show travelers the best deals on flights and hotels based on their search criteria. And if you're flexible with your travel dates, you can even use AI to find the cheapest time to fly. Just enter your desired travel dates into Google Flights and the "Flexible Dates" tool will show you a calendar with the lowest fares for each day.

Making the Most of Your Destination
Once you've arrived at your destination, AI can still be used to enhance your experience. If you're looking for things to do, there are now chatbots like Lola that can make suggestions based on your interests. And if you need help getting around town, there are apps like Citymapper that use real-time data to give you directions that avoid traffic congestion. You can even use AI to find the perfect restaurant for your taste and budget. Yelp's "Filter by" function lets you search for restaurants that meet specific criteria like "vegan options" or "outdoor seating." And if you're traveling abroad and need help translating menus or street signs, there's an app for that too. Google Translate uses machine learning to provide translations in over 100 languages.
Artificial intelligence is dramatically changing the travel experience, making it easier than ever before to book a trip and find things to do once you've arrived at your destination. So whether you're planning your next vacation or simply looking for ways to enhance your next business trip, be sure to take advantage of all the AI-powered tools that are now available.
February 10, 2023

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