LOJ 6-Person Insulated Tunnel Tent - All Weather Spacious Shelter, Enhanced Comfort and Durability

Proveedor Crua Outdoors
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Introducing the Loj : Elevate your camping experience with the Loj, 6 Person Tent, offering spacious shelter and enhanced features for ultimate comfort and durability in the great outdoors. Perfect for group or family camping, this tent combines ample interior space with rugged construction to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring a memorable camping trip every time.

The Loj 6 person tent is the ultimate camping companion! The Loj has 1 large bedroom which can be divided into 2 using a divider for more privacy, made with robust materials, built to last. It includes a spacious porch for storing your gear or chilling when the weather gets cooler. The tent generously accommodates a 6-person dining table with ease so that you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable camping experience alongside your loved ones.

Our CruaBreathe™ Technology ensures you stay cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, while the sound dampening design creates a peaceful sanctuary away from noisy surroundings. Love the idea of early mornings but hate the wakeup call? The Loj's light-blocking design lets you sleep in until you're ready to rise.

Whether you're embarking on a weekend camping trip with family or an extended group for outdoor adventure, the Loj Tent provides the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for memorable family moments in the great outdoors. Invest in quality, durability, and comfort with CRUA Outdoors.

We have saved on needless ad spend to give value back to our community and fellow campers.


Best Suited For: Camping, Travelling, Bushcraft, Tailgate, Car Camping, Recreational Campers, Overhead Shelter for Festivals, Events and Exploration.

Temperature Regulating: Stay comfortable year-round with our CruaBreathe™ Technology, keeping you cool in summer and cozy in winter by resisting heat flow by using microfiber enforced fabric.

Sound Dampening: Escape the noise of nature and neighboring campers with our insulated design, providing uninterrupted rest.

Light Blocking: Love the idea of early mornings, but hate the wakeup call? Enjoy peaceful mornings with our light-blocking feature, allowing you to sleep in until you're ready to rise.

Ultimate Comfort and Durability: Who said camping had to be uncomfortable? Enjoy a plush interior crafted from premium materials for luxury camping while high-quality construction ensures long-term value and peace of mind in all seasons and weather conditions.

Extendable Porch: Prop open the front door using the included tent poles or your vehicle to expand your living area and provide welcome protection from those harsh sun rays or rain drops.

Enhanced Ventilation and Spacious Design: Strategically placed vents minimize condensation, providing a fresh morning wake-up, while accommodating three adults comfortably. Ample airflow from 4 lower vents, 3 upper vents, 1 adjustable window vent, with extra space for gear storage in the extendable porch and groundsheet area. A built-in porch offers additional shade and shelter for outdoor activities and gatherings.

Enhanced Accessibility and Livability: The tent features 1 full-width, wheelchair-accessible front door and 1 side entrance, both with an integrated bug mesh, internal pocket(s) for safe storage of valuables within arm's reach, and a light hook for attaching camping lanterns. Additional cable access at the entrance allows for powering devices, ensuring the utmost convenience for all campers.

Quick & Easy Setup: Easy to set up and take down with color-coded poles, making it perfect for camping trips of all types. Instructions included.

Bug Mesh: Integrated B3 Polyester door and window bug mesh to keep those pesky insects where they belong.

Optional Views: The Loj has 4 outer windows to enjoy your surroundings while relaxing. When you need a break just close down the hatches for your own private escape.


Tent Outer Dimensions

Width:13.6ft / 415cm

Length:24ft / 715cm

Height:7ft / 213cm


Width:12.6ft / 387cm

Length:5.8ft / 177cm

Height:6.9 ft / 212 cm

Floor Space:387 cm x 177 cm / 12.7 ft x 5.8 ft

Inner - Sleeping Area   

Width:12 ft / 366 cm

Length:6 ft / 185 cm

Height:5.4 / 165 cm

Floor Space:12 ft x 6 ft / 366 cm x 185 cm

Inner - Living Area   

Width:12.6 ft / 385 cm

Length:10.4 ft / 320 cm

Height:7 ft / 214 cm

Floor Space:12.6 ft x 320 ft / 385 cm x 320 cm

Packed Dimensions

Packed Size

Outer 34.6 x 22.8 x 17.3 in / 88 x 58 x 44 cm

Inner: 34.6 x 22.8 x 16.5 in / 88 x 58 x 42 cm

Poles: 33 x 10.6 x 9.4 in/ 84 x 27 x 24 cm

Packed Weight

Outer Packed Weight: 80 lbs / 36.3 kg

Inner Packed Weight: 45.54 lbs / 19.3 kg

Poles Packed Weight: 82.2 lbs / 37.3 kg

Product Materials

Outer Fabric: Laminated Poly-cotton 80/20

Inner Fabric: Polyester with 220g/㎡ Insulation

Bug Mesh:Polyester B3

Color: Green

Flame Resistant: Yes

Certification Standard: CPAI-84 on Outer and CPAI-75 on Inner

What's included?

Loj Outer Tent x 1

Loj Inner Insulation x 1

Steel Poles: 1 x Red, 4 x Black and 1 x Yellow

Awning Spreader Pole x 1

Porch Poles x 2

Porch Groundsheet x 1

Carry Bag x 3

Guy Lines x 20

Tent Stakes x 40

Instruction Manual x 1

About Us:

“I founded CRUA in 2015 to solve a problem that had been bugging me since my childhood. Why did tents have to be so cold, hot, bright, noisy - so uncomfortable? Why couldn’t they insulate the occupants properly? I always felt that the lack of a good night’s sleep had a negative impact on my outdoor experiences, and I was not alone. Fast forward a couple of decades, and today CRUA has supplied 20,000+ climate-regulating products into more than 100 countries - and we’re just getting started! Our team would like to welcome you to our community, where passion for the outdoors and comfort are one.”