Luggage sets

Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about your luggage. The last thing you want is for your suitcase to break down or cause you any frustration preparing for your travel. Unfortunately, not all suitcases are created equal and some may struggle with certain features that could make life easier. 360 spinning wheels, expandable luggage features and durable materials are key features to look out for when selecting a new bag. Let's take a look at the key features of Travellty Luggage sets.

Our luggage sets feature eight spinner wheels that roll smooth, quiet, and handle heavyweights. 360 spinning wheels are the ultimate feature to look for when choosing a new piece of luggage. Not only do 360 spinning wheels make maneuvering through airports and tight turns easier, but they can also help reduce strain on your body from lugging around bulky bags. With 360 degree mobility, you can move in any direction with ease - making your travels much more enjoyable!

A key to traveling with all your favorite things is more space! Having more space also allows you to prepare for extended trips or being an over-packer. Shopping with us you are in luck! We provide an expandable zipper option on our bags to increase the volume of your bag to provide extra packing space. We cut out the confusion of which zipper allows this feature to be used. Save time and frustration when you are on-the-go by knowing the layout of your bag and not opening the luggage when you just want to expand it. We created a separate style zipper to identify the expandable feature.

it seems obvious that you want your adjustable luggage handle to operate smoothly and evenly when adjusting the height that is comfortable for you to stroll along on your journey. Our products are durability tested and made of high quality materials that create a smooth operation when you make your preferred adjustments. Another feature we designed and tested is reinforced corner guards that help to protect the luggage from damage. No more worries when you see the air stewardess jamming bags and slamming overhead bins closed. You can trust your luggage will remain in tact even during those turbulent moments. 

Interior luggage features can be just as important as exterior ones when it comes to finding the perfect bag. Separate compartments, zipper mesh pockets and compression straps are all great interior features that can help make your travels smoother and more organized. Whether you’re headed on a business trip or vacationing with family, having these convenient interior features in your suitcase will make packing and unpacking much easier!

January 24, 2023

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