Luggage Reviews

Detailed comparison of top tier suitcases in the travel industry. Feating Rimowa, Monos, Away & Miami CarryOn

The Ocean Carry On vs. Rimowa Carry On

A head-to-head comparison of carry on suitcases for travelers! The Most popular being the Rimowa Carry On suitcase being an industry standard with a high price point of $900 is battling the modern and luxury features of the completely affordable Ocean Collection by Miami Carry On at the wallet friendly price of $129.

The Ocean Carry On vs. The Monos Carry On

In this video we break down 2 VERY similar luggage pieces and explain why they potentially have different price points. Preference of the customer will always take precedent. If you like buying more expensive things than you will definitely do that, at least this video is here to show some slight differences in brands!

The Ocean Carry On vs. The Monos Carry On Pro

When you buy a Pro model suitcase you are hoping to get the most bang for your buck but is that always the case? In this comparison review we dive into the features of the Monos Carry On Pro model suitcase priced at $295 vs. the Ocean Collection by Miami CarryOn a $125 suitcase. What are the main differences between a pro model Monos and an affordable polycarbonate luggage piece.